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I offer various different options for weight loss. We would start with a 30 minute free discovery call to see what you’re essentially looking for and then I’ll tailor a plan to suit you.

I currently offer the following but as I said before I can make something up that suits your goals.

  • Weight Loss Session – 4 to 5 1 hour sessions dealing with different aspects. This may include emotional eating, cutting sugar, confidence, choosing healthy options & motivation to exercise
  • Banish the Sugar Monster – This is 3 X 1 hour sessions. This aimed at beating sugar addiction. The first session is sugar aversion, 2nd session is reinforcing this and choosing healthier options and session 3 is motivation to exercise.
  • Virtual Gastric Band – This is 6 sessions spread out over 3 months. We will use different techniques depending on your overall goal. The first 3 to 4 sessions are focused on dealing with any emotional issues that may be stopping you losing weight, then dealing with what ever has come up from that. Your virtual band is fitted on session 3 or 4, and session 5 & 6 are to make adjustments to the band. I only recommend this if you have 3 stone or more to lose.

I also offer just one off 1 hour sessions for different aspects

Sugar addiction

Emotional eating

Stopping takeaways

Stop comfort eating

Motivation to loss weight or exercise

Can hypnotherapy help with weight loss?

A person may turn to unhealthy eating habits as a way to cope with feelings of unhappiness or anxiety. They may find temporary relief and pleasure in consuming sugary foods, but this becomes a harmful pattern that is difficult to break.

The conscious mind may understand that this is not a healthy solution, but the habit is often ingrained and automated by the subconscious mind. Willpower alone may not be enough to change these patterns and permanently lose weight through dieting. The stress of dieting can lead to a cycle of weight loss and weight gain, and food may become a source of reward rather than nourishment.

Hypnosis can be an effective tool for weight loss by altering subconscious eating patterns. By accessing the subconscious mind through hypnosis, it is easier to make lasting changes to eating habits and lifestyle.

During hypnosis, old patterns can be quickly replaced with healthier habits, such as being satisfied with smaller portions and choosing nutritious foods. The subconscious mind is programmed to serve, and with hypnosis, it can be programmed to support these positive changes and turn them into successful habits.

Hypnosis allows the subconscious mind to be integrated into the process of change, leading to more success in weight loss efforts.

Book in for your free 30 minute discovery call and we can talk through all your options.

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