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Unwanted Habits

Do you have an addiction or unwanted habits that is impacting your daily life? Most of us have bad habits that we’d like to be able to control. That might be nail biting, chewing or pulling your hair, grinding your teeth, shopping or spending too much or excess drinking. Smoking and overeating can also fall into this category.

Bad habits usually begin to manage stress or overcome anxiety. Smoking, excessive drinking, abuse of drugs, and overeating are just some of the things we do to make ourselves feel better. Other habits such as nail biting, skin picking, hair pulling/chewing, we usually develop subconsciously in childhood. This may come about as a way of getting attention or regaining a sense of control.

Regardless of what your habit is, or how deeply ingrained it may be, hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to break it. You already know that your habit is unhelpful, but a part of you is holding onto it for some reason. Hypnosis can effectively remove this unwanted behaviour and replace it with something more satisfying and positive. We may use a variety of techniques such as IEMT alongside hypnotherapy, depending on what the habit is.

Your bad habit most likely happens subconsciously – how many times have you suddenly realised you’ve been biting your nails without realising?

 Are you ready to make the change and unburden yourself?

The time is now to stop living with this and start enjoying life.

​We can achieve change very quickly with hypnosis. Please contact me to discover more about how I can help you today.

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