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Past Life Regression

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Many people are keen to find out about any past lives that they may have, and past life regression gives you them the opportunity to do this. 

​Many of us believe that we have lived before, we believe we have been reincarnated.  Reincarnation is latin for ‘entering into the flesh again.   We can reincarnate many times. I’m sure you’ve heard people talk of a young baby/child and say they are an old soul or they’ve been here before.  Some children have shown to know things that is well beyond their years and this is where people will say that the child have been here before. 

​Past life regression can help heal your mind, body and spirit and also present day relationships.

 It is believed that we carry over memories from a past life into our present one.  Some people have a fear of fire, yet they’ve never been in one and they’ve no idea why.  In situations like this we often find that in a past life they were a witch and got burnt on the stake.  

​Another common one is fear of water.  This may have come from drowning in a previous life.  

​So if a client came to me with a fear like I’ve mentioned above, it could be worth doing a regression session and going back to when this trauma began.  This quite often resolves the issue. 

​But we can also do past life regression on those that just have an interest in the subject.  It is very fascinating.   

​We would work through these different lives and try to find out dates, names, places, etc.  Some people have reported to actually be able to find details of that past life in archives. 

​I could honestly go on and on here because there is so much fascinating information on this subject out there. But I am going to leave it here.  We will find our own fascinating material when we do a regression together! 

Important details about Past Life Regression

​***PLEASE NOTE – It is important that you have good visualisation skills for this as a lot of it is being able to see what is around you. 

​I also cannot guarantee to take you back to a certain past life.  It is entirely up to your subconscious mind where it’s going to go.***

​Past life regression sessions are between 60 to 90 minutes

​I can do these sessions in person or via zoom.  It works exactly the same doing it online.

​You will receive a recording of your session.

Age Regression

​We also have age regression.  This is great for using with phobias, fears or blocked or traumatic memories.  If the ‘event’ started in childhood then we can regress back to the time it happened and look at it through ‘adult’ eyes and see whatever it was with a different perspective.  

​Age regression can also work with low self esteem or a negative outlook.  This may stem from being told in childhood that they ‘wouldn’t amount to anything’ ‘You are a waste of space’ ‘you’re not intelligent enough’.

The subconscious mind clings to these words without us knowing about it, and then we wonder why we feel inferior to others.  Through hypnosis and age regression we can change these thoughts by tapping into the subconscious mind and looking at it from a different angle and reframing it.  

​Age regression sessions are between 60 to 90 minutes.  

Hypnosis & past life regression sessions can be done in person or via Zoom.

Disclaimer: The information contained within this website is for general information only. Hypnotherapy is not guaranteed to be effective in every case.

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