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Are you looking for a powerful, natural way to eliminate chronic pain? Look no further than OldPain2Go!

OldPain2Go is a revolutionary pain management technique that helps you release old, persistent pain patterns from your body and mind. Developed by UK-based therapist Steven Blake, this technique is grounded in the latest neuroscience and is designed to help you overcome chronic pain without drugs, surgery, or other invasive treatments.

With OldPain2Go, you’ll learn how to communicate directly with your subconscious mind, the part of your brain that controls your pain responses. By working with your subconscious mind, you can reframe old pain signals and release them from your body and mind for good.

Unlike other pain management techniques that only manage symptoms, OldPain2Go addresses the root causes of chronic pain, allowing you to experience long-lasting relief. And because it’s all-natural and drug-free, there are no side effects or risks associated with this technique.

Whether you’re dealing with chronic back pain, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or any other type of chronic pain, OldPain2Go can help you find relief. So why wait? Contact me today to learn more and experience the life-changing benefits of this innovative pain management technique!

What is OldPain2Go?

OldPain2Go is a method that works with the unconscious mind to reduce and eliminate old pain memories. I act as your guide, but you and your unconscious are responsible for the process. It’s not hypnotherapy and does not involve hypnosis, but you will find it a very relaxing experience. I will ask you about the pain and we will discuss it, including when it began and your beliefs about it. The unconscious mind will then determine if the pain is no longer needed and can be turned down or off.

OldPain2Go uses a Brain Bargaining technique to guide the unconscious and conscious parts to communicate and eliminate these old, unnecessary pain messages.

Pain serves an important function as a warning signal that something is wrong and that you need to take immediate action to prevent further harm. Sometimes pain persists long after healing has occurred or the appropriate and necessary actions have been taken. This can happen when there is no physical reason for the pain or the pain serves no purpose other than as a reminder.

OldPain2Go may be worth trying as it has little to no risks, but the potential to eliminate pain.

This technique can be used on its own or incorporated into a therapy session which might include hypnotherapy or IEMT but this would all be discussed beforehand.

Who can have OldPain2Go?

– To undergo this therapy you need to have been diagnosed by a medical professional (GP, Consultant, Physiotherapist) and you have been advised about pain medication or pain management.

– You really want to be pain free and you have nothing to gain from keeping the pain.

– Be willing to take some time out for self-care and follow any aftercare advice.

– You must be willing to change and stop doing. anything that may be adding or keeping the pain.

– Seek your Gp or consultants advice regarding any pain medication you’re currently on.

This is suitable for all kinds of pain which includes arthritis, leg/hip/knee problems, migraines, period pain, backache, frozen shoulder, IBS, accident/injuries, post surgery pain and much more. If you’re interested in OldPain2Go for Fibromyalgia, M.E. or C.F.S (Chronic Fatigue syndrome), then please click here

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