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About Peace of Mind Hypnotherapy

Welcome to Peace Of Mind Hypnotherapy. I also own & run Peace of Mind Therapies.

I’m Pauline and I’m based in Inverness in the heart of the Highlands, Scotland. I don’t just help people locally, I have clients all over the world as far away as America, Australia, Europe and England.  The power of Zoom is amazing!

Helping people like you and successfully resolve issues quickly, is what I love doing.

I started Peace of Mind Hypnotherapy in order to help people feel better, fast. I have helped a great number of people with hypnosis,  IEMT, EFT & Holistic Therapies. I’m the only IEMT Practitioner in the Highlands.

Accredited Hypnotherapist

I’m a qualified accredited Hypnotherapist, IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapist) & EFT practitioner.  I’m fully insured for all the services that I offer.

I love what I do. I provide quality sessions for clients and I achieve excellent results. You can read about some of these on my reviews page. I have personally benefited from hypnotherapy & IEMT and ​I believe this, along my extensive training & experience, helps me to empathise, and have a greater understanding of what is required, and works.

I’ve suffered badly with anxiety in the past. I was unable to go off on holiday after my mother died very suddenly while abroad. This left me with PTSD. I am passionate about helping others overcome anxiety, fears & phobias.

I facilitate fast, effective and long lasting solutions for many issues, enabling you to make positive lifestyle changes & live your life to the fullest.

Past career

When I left school I went into retail which I didn’t enjoy, so when my children came along I became a registered childminder which I did for nearly 28 years. During those years I also trained as a hairdresser which I loved. It’s far more than just styling someone’s hair. It’s a therapy in itself. A person feels so much better after having their hair done and then you also have the chatter. Clients would tell you things that they wouldn’t tell others. It was also during this time that I learnt Reiki.

Caring and looking after others was the environment that I thrived in, so it seemed the obvious choice for me to do what I’m doing now.

Self Care

Let’s clear up one common misconception: Self-care is not the same as self-indulgence or being selfish. Self-care means taking care of yourself so that you can be physically and mentally healthy, to be able to take care of your day to day duties/work and be able to do all the things you need and want to do.

Why suffer when you don’t have to? I’m here to assist you in creating that new life for yourself!

Why not contact me today to discuss what I can do to help you now.


At Peace of Mind Hypnotherapy building a good relationship with all my clients is very important and you can be assured that I will respect your privacy at all times.  I always take time out to sit and chat with all my clients so that they feel at ease before undertaking any therapy with me.

Your therapy will be fully explained to you beforehand.

I’m fully insured and a member the National Hypnotherapy Society & also the IEMT Association.


Peace of Mind Hypnotherapy accepts cash, bank transfer or gift voucher.  

Gift vouchers are available on request, so why not treat that special person in your life to some well deserved pampering.

Please note that a small deposit is required at the time of booking any treatments. Please see my cancellation and booking policy for more details

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